Jun 23 • 55M

Can this be sustained? Part 2

A conversation with my friend Laura, Pansy's founder on a business' responsibility to itself, its consumers, its community and the earth. We also discuss the responsibility of consumers.

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I have to point out the elephant in the room which is interviewing my friend Laura Schoorl who owns Pansy. I felt conflicted in doing this because I take pride in being fair and equally critical across the board. The reason I have chosen Laura is because I have not only gotten to know her as business owner but as a friend. She is one of my dearest friends. Laura’s ethics extend outside of her business practices and into her interpersonal relationships and it isn’t something she boasts about. In the last 5 years of getting to know her, I have gotten to see firsthand how she handles conflict at work, how she handles valid criticism from her customers and how she continues to build on her mission statement. It is for these reasons that I have invited her into a conversation with me about a topic she has spent the last 10+ years learning about.

This audio I am including here was supposed to be transcribed last June. I was uncomfortable at the time discussing sustainability because it felt like a tired topic and I wasn’t educated enough on sustainability to form an opinion that would hold up. A year later, I have read more about sustainability than I ever thought possible and while I feel despair about what we’ve missed, I have been cultivating hope. I have hope that by sharing what I have found, you might not only practice but share these philosophies within your community.

As you listen, you will notice my discomfort with using the word “sustainability” or “sustainable” and I try to substitute it for “ethical” but not always. I was realizing as the conversation went on that I didn’t know enough. I left this conversation with Laura feeling a sense of responsibility to know more and do more. And while there are a few things I would have liked to have known then, I still think this is a useful conversation to share. There is a lot of noise in the background because this audio was not intended for release so bear with me.

Note: Laura was on a walk during this conversation which is why she sounds breathless. I was moving around too so there is a lot of background noise on my end as I was recording this on my phone while answering Laura’s call on FaceTime audio via my laptop. Turn up the volume!

I have made the first installment in this series available to everyone. You can read it here.