are you wearing that? by Subrina Heyink
This is not a SATC podcast
Bonus Sunday newsletter.

Bonus Sunday newsletter.

Recapping: Sofia Richie's wedding and the Met Gala

These days, I feel like if you aren’t discussing the news as it happens, it feels irrelevant. I am trying to bypass that feeling by sending this out in my own time.

In this audio, I discuss the cringe public response to Sofia Richie’s wedding and explain what the clean girl aesthetic means. Then the other part covers the outfits at Monday night’s Met Gala.

If you’d like to skip ahead to the Met Gala commentary, start at 28:46.

I used’s red carpet photos and if you’d like to follow along, use this link.

Note: I am so bad with names and I butcher some of the names so ignore me and focus on the task at hand :)

Outfits for Sofia Richie’s wedding in order

{Click on the images to expand} The rehearsal dress' (pic 6 & 7) neckline will haunt me forever. And do you see those shoes for the ceremony dress (pics 8 & 9)??? Pray for her!

PS: I was supposed to include some shopping links here but the items sold out :(

are you wearing that? by Subrina Heyink
This is not a SATC podcast
This is not a SATC is hosted by Subrina Heyink & Jen Semelka. Twice a month, we discuss the themes, relationships, and outfits from every episode of SATC.
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